11 Mar

March Ministry Update

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HIGHLIGHTS: God is working. He’s continually working in my life, and He is working to save souls. As I travel the deputation trail, He is also working to provide for my needs. I can’t thank Him enough for His presence & power.

Dear friends & fellow believers,

I’m so thankful to share with you some highlights from the past several months on the deputation trail. Since my last prayer letter in January, I have had the awesome opportunity to visit a number of wonderful churches and ministries, preach, and present the vision God has given me for reaching the deaf and hearing in Peru, South America. I’ve traveled thousands of miles, and I’ve grown much along the way.

God is good (all the time!), and He has graciously provided for my needs thus far. I am so thankful for the gifts many of you have given to keep me on the road. I know God will bless your faithfulness.

I write this letter from South Florida, having just come from frigid Menominee Falls, WI, where I just spent a week at the Falls Baptist Church “Victory Conference.” What a powerful time of preaching! Just like any Christian, missionaries and pastors need to be challenged from the Word of God, and I was so thankful for the opportunity to be renewed in my spirit.

Let me share some key challenges from the work of God in my heart during this conference:

  • Remember that Christ is all. Abiding in Christ means trusting him for both direction & provision.
  • The friendship & fellowship I share with my Lord is so sweet! How could I allow that relationship to stagnate or weaken, even for a moment?
  • God still does awesome miracles in & through his servants. Hearing fresh reports from missionaries is a thrill beyond description, and provokes tears of joy.

Joseph S Kotvas & Isaías Hernandez

My heart is full as I write this letter, for I’ve had the joy of seeing God’s saving power up close and personal just last week! On Saturday visitation, I went out with my brother James and another Bible college student, and with Francisco Torres, the leader of the Spanish ministry there. We were able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with Isaías Hernández, an immigrant from Mexico.

Mr. Hernandez gladly received the Gospel, and called upon the Lord for his salvation! He is now burdened for his wife and family. I rejoiced to see him attend the Sunday morning service as I preached on unity and love in the church.

Beloved, we serve a great God and Savior. He is just as much at work today as He was 2000 years ago in the early church. The question is, are we surrendered to his work through us?

Joseph S. Kotvas, your missionary to Peru, South America

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